Sunday, 23 June 2013

Night with Full of Weird Dreams !

Dreams , many says that , they are illusion of our mind of which we are continuously thinking, then may be its of any person,any place or any incident.Some believes dreams have some kind of messages to get us alert for our future, some says what we want in our life , our mind try to achieve it in dream. Dreams have many types some are happy dreams,some sweet dreams,sad dreams,pleasure dreams,scary dreams popularly known as Nightmare and many other types depends on thinking of person to person how he referred his dreams and which category he want to put his dreams. I am also common person who experience many kinds of dreams in sleep but mostly nightmares, but yesterday's night dream was some kind of weird, yes I am calling it weird because whatever I was watching in my dream was totally weird, as in my yesterday's dream there were many characters which I know very personally but many of it are those about whom I do not talk much and do not think of them much,neither I missed them, so no question of them appearing in my dream, some where with whom I had not speak for long time and are not in my contact for long time and still  all these characters was in my dream yesterday.Weird thing of this dream was that I know I am watching dream in my sleep still I was clearly experiencing all events which were appearing in my dream and many characters were shuffling very fastly with me but places in my dream remaining same, it was neither a happy dream nor a scary dream or nightmare. Just it was like I know all people ,place but unable to name that place with lot of happening, lot of running and chasing and celebrating even night of Christmas.But in all dream sequence a pleasant moment was that a special person suddenly appear in my dream, this is the person who is very special in my life, I was happy to see that person in my dream and just wanted to keep watching that person in my dream,but as they says dream are uncontrollable and hence the appearance of person was for very short time but I was happy to see that person after long time atleast in my dreams. Anyways when I get up in the morning I thought I should write down this experience somewhere because it had changed my mood and I am feeling more happy and excited and fresh because of that special person appearance. So this time yesterday's dream worked for me to get out of boredom, to become happy and feel fresh.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Ten Ways of Love...from Bible

Ten Ways of Love.......from Bible !
  • Listen without interrupting. --- Proverbs 18
  • Speak without accusing.      --- James 1:19
  • Give without sparing.          --- Proverbs 21:26
  • Pray without ceasing.          --- Colossians 1:9
  • Answer without arguing.     --- Proverbs 17:1
  • Share without pretending.   --- Ephesians 4:15
  • Enjoy without complaint.    --- Philippians 2:14
  • Trust without wavering.      --- 1 Corinthians 13:7
  • Forgive without punishing  --- Colossians 3:13
  • Promise without forgetting. --- Proverbs 13:12

Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Girl, I am never going to forget in my life.....

Our life is always full of happenings, we all have many moments in our life some happy,some sad,some good experience,some bad experience,and so on, we always keep meeting new people some good,some bad, some become our true friends,some become our enemy,and with someone we share some kind of relationship which become hard to explain.I remember the day , when I received a new follower to my twitter profile she was a girl, same day I was browsing my facebook and saw same girl in suggested friends notification,so as she followed me on twitter hence I send her friend request on facebook, she accepted it. And our conversation started with a beautiful post which she posted on facebook.I like that post so much that I message her to tell about it.So on we become good friends and started chatting over facebook,with going days our chatting hours become long and we had a strong sharing bond, much more we were sharing many similar habits or like and dislike , from our age to much more , we had many common things between us. In my whole life I never saw any girl like her, she was inspiring,weird,funny,intelligent and had many more shade of life.We used to chat for more than 10 hours, and it was become a part of my life to chat with her daily.This long for near about one year until motherboard of my laptop got damaged and I was offline for one month, then I purchased new laptop, again we started chatting but this time she was facing some personal problem and after few days her computer got damaged, till then I never saw her back online. Now its been one year when I last saw her online.I do not know what happened to her, where is she now and what life is she living now, but it was sure she was a very good friend of mine.When you miss a good friend in your life , its always like you missing something in your life. I do not know whether I will again going to see her online or not, but I hope she must be fine and happy with her life.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

10 Simple ways to loose weight !

Losing the weight is one of the hard thing ,which everyone hates.Most interesting thing we can gain weight easily but we can not loose it easily, and when we decide to lose it , suddenly its become hardest task on earth.Mostly everyone wants good body shape atleast everyone do not want to look fat.But our daily routine and our food habits makes such situation that we unknownly starts gaining weight and when we realised about the increased weight its become too late and we already become lazy or careless about our weight and we realised about our weight when caught in some awkward moment and then we decide to loose weight but finds difficult to give up our habits.Some starts crash diet but I think its not good for health, crash diet often leads to serious health problem.So hereby I am mentioning some ways by which you can start losing weight slowly and after few days you will realised it.Because I tried it myself so below are simple ways to lose weight:
  1. As everyone says exercise is the best way to loose weight, I will also recommend it.But if you do not have time for exercise, then always try to walk as much as possible,so that you can keep burning calories.
  2. Second option is also some kind of exercise but its for few minutes, get on your fingers of toes and slowing start jumping not too fast for few minutes , doing it for 3-4 times daily slowly will result in reduce fat from stomach.
  3. Try to avoid too much sleep,mostly afternoon sleep helps to gain weight, so a little nap is ok but do not sleep for long time in afternoon.
  4. This is most recommended type, giving up fatty food, which near about everyone recommends, I know thats hard to give up your favourite fatty and oily snacks and food items, start by consuming your favourite fatty food in less amount, and slowly decrease quantity of it,finally after you realised you loose some weight you will get motivated to finally give up oily and fatty food.
  5. Basmati Rice, yes if you are lover of Basmati rice you have to control it, or I will say shift it to normal rice but see it must be low calorie, I will recommend not to eat too much rice till you lose significant weight.
  6. Stress , its also one of the reason to add weight, having too much stress will help you to gain weight , so try to relax your mind.
  7. Do not sit at one place for longer , please try to walk between your work for 5 minutes.
  8. After Eating do not sleep immediately, it will add to gain weight.
  9. Do not eat too much sweets , as it has sugar which leads to gain more calories.
  10. Even try to avoid drinking too much soft drinks and Alcohols, mainly alcohol leads to gain weight and even soft drinks also so try to avoid both as much as possible or totally give up both.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Mystery of crying baby ghost !

       India, country of diversity, From ancient times lots of stories and myths been told by people of this country.Which includes stories of legends from mythological books such as Mahabharata & Ramayana,also other tribal or folks stories including ghost stories are among some popular stories of this country.
       I had grown up by hearing lots of ghosts stories, I was always fascinated while hearing these kind of stories and from very little age I started believing in ghosts.The funny thing was once or twice I went for ghost hunting but never got a chance to see any ghost.From all the stories, one which I heard from most people was of crying noise of baby ghosts, thats what they give title to story.Many people says when woman dies with baby, then their ghosts roams in midnight as baby ghost keeps crying and lady ghost is roaming from place to place caring that baby ghost.
        Coming back to the hunting period of ghost in my childhood, I remember the day when I first time heard noise of baby crying at midnight in the dark of my backyard.First feeling was fearful, I was literaly frighten by that noise,it was loud and was continuous,But it was my interest in ghost which has given me courage to check that dark place.So I immediately took my torch and went to that place.When I put light of torch at that place I was surprise to see that there were two cats which were making that noise.At that time I realised that there is no such thing of crying of baby ghost but the noise of cats which is very similar to baby crying and people mistaken it as ghost crying in dark. Today I am writing this post because again in night heard such noise and I remember my childhood days and just want thought why not to write something on this.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Online Shopping !

Are you Shopaholic?  Can’t stay away from shopping for a long time. Whenever you see discount you are tempted do purchase what you always desire, and after making purchased still want to continue your shopping but unfortunately you do not have time or you ran out of money, or tired of roaming from shop to shop and disgusted over the crowd on roads and sometimes you got stuck into all the unlikely traffic jam. Sometimes you think there should be an easy way of shopping as per your convenience, then answer for all worry is Online Shopping. Online shopping, which provide you all facility at one stop and at convenience of your home without need of any hectic travel , any unwanted crowd, no more carrying of all shopping stuff in your hands, all you need is just one click and you are exposed to all new experience of shopping by sitting at home . No worry of carrying too much money with you, suppose you need to purchase Wholesale Clock then go to shopping sites where you will get Wholesale Clock purchase it and that’s it. No need of roaming anywhere to find wholesale dealer you get it at your home just because of Online Shopping.
Suppose you want to purchase a watch you want it at reasonable rate then search in the Google by putting Wholesale Watches and see the magic results will show the sites which are selling Wholesale Watches. If you are music fan wish to purchase some musical content then you don’t need to go any music store outside just hold your mouse put specific music online store address in your  url in your browser  choose  Wholesale Audio and Videos files and pay for it. Suppose you are owner of watch store and wish to make Wholesale Strap purchase then go to sites like Alibaba or Tradus where you will find Wholesale Straps with great prices so that you can afford it in large number.
Still have doubts regarding Online shopping, worry whether product purchased online will be delivered at you home in right time or whether they will take away your money, please do not worry Online Shopping is done by secured encryption where yours transaction is done in secured environment. One benefit is that you get your product at Wholesale rate whether it is Wholesale Audio and Videos files or Wholesale Straps. So keep your worries aside and search for Wholesale shopping sites there are many popular sites where you can get great deals.  So as now you know about online shopping how convenient it is, then why to go outside for purchase just sit at home and enjoy worry free shopping at your convenience.

E-Commerce Site

Ever you heard of E-Commerce, ever you wonder what exactly you mean by E-Commerce. E-Commerce is nothing but a form of business which is carried over Internet. Now-a-days as online population of user is growing tremendously day by day so as many companies are turning towards online world to promote their products and services online to user. Talking about E-Commerce it includes every form of business which is carried out online like online banking, e-shopping or online shopping.
As till now we had talked over E-Commerce, now we will see what E-Commerce site is. E-Commerce site is nothing but sites which offers services of E-commerce. Today we can see many E-Commerce sites are emerging online and attracting online user  by selling their products online like Wholesale Clocks and other may other offer different products like Wholesale Audio and Videos, yes audio and videos are also part of E-commerce  product which are sold by companies online for money, or there are some people who like to sell Whole sale Watches or watches straps and all of them can be found online on E-commerce sites.
E-Commerce sites are gaining more and more popularity because of their dynamic views where product of companies can be viewed in different dimensions of course if it is substance if it is Wholesale Audio & Videos then some part of it can be viewed or can be listen to check its quality. So that user get full information of products which he wish to purchase  before any transaction. Many E-commerce sites offer great deals on their sites such as if it is Wholesale Clock site then they may offer great discount on big or large number of order. Second thing many E-commerce sites offers different facilities to user such as free home delivery on purchased of their product, suppose any user purchase a watch from Wholesale Watch site then E-commerce site company can offer that user free home delivery of the particular product for making purchase from their site. Other most popular option given by E-commerce sites is free replacement on purchased product, supposed any user purchase a watch straps from Wholesale Straps site and after the specific product is delivered to him he found there is something wrong with the strap or that strap he not as per his expectation or he is not happy with quality of strap, he can ask for replacement of that product many sites provides free pick up service from the home of user where user do not have to pay shipping charges for replacement of product and even after replacement of product by company they provide free shipping again to user so that user can be satisfied by their service and come back again for purchased of their respective product.