Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Mystery of crying baby ghost !

       India, country of diversity, From ancient times lots of stories and myths been told by people of this country.Which includes stories of legends from mythological books such as Mahabharata & Ramayana,also other tribal or folks stories including ghost stories are among some popular stories of this country.
       I had grown up by hearing lots of ghosts stories, I was always fascinated while hearing these kind of stories and from very little age I started believing in ghosts.The funny thing was once or twice I went for ghost hunting but never got a chance to see any ghost.From all the stories, one which I heard from most people was of crying noise of baby ghosts, thats what they give title to story.Many people says when woman dies with baby, then their ghosts roams in midnight as baby ghost keeps crying and lady ghost is roaming from place to place caring that baby ghost.
        Coming back to the hunting period of ghost in my childhood, I remember the day when I first time heard noise of baby crying at midnight in the dark of my backyard.First feeling was fearful, I was literaly frighten by that noise,it was loud and was continuous,But it was my interest in ghost which has given me courage to check that dark place.So I immediately took my torch and went to that place.When I put light of torch at that place I was surprise to see that there were two cats which were making that noise.At that time I realised that there is no such thing of crying of baby ghost but the noise of cats which is very similar to baby crying and people mistaken it as ghost crying in dark. Today I am writing this post because again in night heard such noise and I remember my childhood days and just want thought why not to write something on this.

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