Saturday, 25 May 2013

10 Simple ways to loose weight !

Losing the weight is one of the hard thing ,which everyone hates.Most interesting thing we can gain weight easily but we can not loose it easily, and when we decide to lose it , suddenly its become hardest task on earth.Mostly everyone wants good body shape atleast everyone do not want to look fat.But our daily routine and our food habits makes such situation that we unknownly starts gaining weight and when we realised about the increased weight its become too late and we already become lazy or careless about our weight and we realised about our weight when caught in some awkward moment and then we decide to loose weight but finds difficult to give up our habits.Some starts crash diet but I think its not good for health, crash diet often leads to serious health problem.So hereby I am mentioning some ways by which you can start losing weight slowly and after few days you will realised it.Because I tried it myself so below are simple ways to lose weight:
  1. As everyone says exercise is the best way to loose weight, I will also recommend it.But if you do not have time for exercise, then always try to walk as much as possible,so that you can keep burning calories.
  2. Second option is also some kind of exercise but its for few minutes, get on your fingers of toes and slowing start jumping not too fast for few minutes , doing it for 3-4 times daily slowly will result in reduce fat from stomach.
  3. Try to avoid too much sleep,mostly afternoon sleep helps to gain weight, so a little nap is ok but do not sleep for long time in afternoon.
  4. This is most recommended type, giving up fatty food, which near about everyone recommends, I know thats hard to give up your favourite fatty and oily snacks and food items, start by consuming your favourite fatty food in less amount, and slowly decrease quantity of it,finally after you realised you loose some weight you will get motivated to finally give up oily and fatty food.
  5. Basmati Rice, yes if you are lover of Basmati rice you have to control it, or I will say shift it to normal rice but see it must be low calorie, I will recommend not to eat too much rice till you lose significant weight.
  6. Stress , its also one of the reason to add weight, having too much stress will help you to gain weight , so try to relax your mind.
  7. Do not sit at one place for longer , please try to walk between your work for 5 minutes.
  8. After Eating do not sleep immediately, it will add to gain weight.
  9. Do not eat too much sweets , as it has sugar which leads to gain more calories.
  10. Even try to avoid drinking too much soft drinks and Alcohols, mainly alcohol leads to gain weight and even soft drinks also so try to avoid both as much as possible or totally give up both.

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