Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Girl, I am never going to forget in my life.....

Our life is always full of happenings, we all have many moments in our life some happy,some sad,some good experience,some bad experience,and so on, we always keep meeting new people some good,some bad, some become our true friends,some become our enemy,and with someone we share some kind of relationship which become hard to explain.I remember the day , when I received a new follower to my twitter profile she was a girl, same day I was browsing my facebook and saw same girl in suggested friends notification,so as she followed me on twitter hence I send her friend request on facebook, she accepted it. And our conversation started with a beautiful post which she posted on facebook.I like that post so much that I message her to tell about it.So on we become good friends and started chatting over facebook,with going days our chatting hours become long and we had a strong sharing bond, much more we were sharing many similar habits or like and dislike , from our age to much more , we had many common things between us. In my whole life I never saw any girl like her, she was inspiring,weird,funny,intelligent and had many more shade of life.We used to chat for more than 10 hours, and it was become a part of my life to chat with her daily.This long for near about one year until motherboard of my laptop got damaged and I was offline for one month, then I purchased new laptop, again we started chatting but this time she was facing some personal problem and after few days her computer got damaged, till then I never saw her back online. Now its been one year when I last saw her online.I do not know what happened to her, where is she now and what life is she living now, but it was sure she was a very good friend of mine.When you miss a good friend in your life , its always like you missing something in your life. I do not know whether I will again going to see her online or not, but I hope she must be fine and happy with her life.

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