Sunday, 23 June 2013

Night with Full of Weird Dreams !

Dreams , many says that , they are illusion of our mind of which we are continuously thinking, then may be its of any person,any place or any incident.Some believes dreams have some kind of messages to get us alert for our future, some says what we want in our life , our mind try to achieve it in dream. Dreams have many types some are happy dreams,some sweet dreams,sad dreams,pleasure dreams,scary dreams popularly known as Nightmare and many other types depends on thinking of person to person how he referred his dreams and which category he want to put his dreams. I am also common person who experience many kinds of dreams in sleep but mostly nightmares, but yesterday's night dream was some kind of weird, yes I am calling it weird because whatever I was watching in my dream was totally weird, as in my yesterday's dream there were many characters which I know very personally but many of it are those about whom I do not talk much and do not think of them much,neither I missed them, so no question of them appearing in my dream, some where with whom I had not speak for long time and are not in my contact for long time and still  all these characters was in my dream yesterday.Weird thing of this dream was that I know I am watching dream in my sleep still I was clearly experiencing all events which were appearing in my dream and many characters were shuffling very fastly with me but places in my dream remaining same, it was neither a happy dream nor a scary dream or nightmare. Just it was like I know all people ,place but unable to name that place with lot of happening, lot of running and chasing and celebrating even night of Christmas.But in all dream sequence a pleasant moment was that a special person suddenly appear in my dream, this is the person who is very special in my life, I was happy to see that person in my dream and just wanted to keep watching that person in my dream,but as they says dream are uncontrollable and hence the appearance of person was for very short time but I was happy to see that person after long time atleast in my dreams. Anyways when I get up in the morning I thought I should write down this experience somewhere because it had changed my mood and I am feeling more happy and excited and fresh because of that special person appearance. So this time yesterday's dream worked for me to get out of boredom, to become happy and feel fresh.

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